Top Trends in Braided Rugs for 2023

Let's take a look at the trending colors and styles that are emerging in braided rugs and indoor/outdoor area rugs this year. 

To begin, the top trend is vintage styling and Capel is right on target for this style.

 Our designs and colors are timeless and exhibit craftivism and old wisdom. Handmade and artisan appearances are also very evident in vintage style. Reconnecting to the past and seeking the feeling of nostalgia seems to be what everyone is hoping for, so it is high on our list as we are creating new colors and combinations. Mixes of ancient reds,  powdery pastels, and rich jewel tones that we have researched within the paint and color forecasting industries to keep ahead and current with the vintage trend. 

Our design team's passion is creating new palettes and color combinations that are current, and on point with interior paint trends that will elevate your interiors. 

The next trend to note is layering! As an interior designer, and now product designer with Capel rugs, this is actually my favorite current design trend! Layering rugs with different patterns and textures is a great way to bring added depth and interest into a room. Most often, I start with a base layer that is neutral with some texture and add a rug over it that has a very distinct pattern, heavier texture, or contrasting colors, immediately creating appeal within the space. Braided rugs can be the base or the top layer, just depending on the look you are trying to achieve.  A common base layer that is trending now as well, are rugs constructed with all-natural materials. These are a perfect selection for a base with incredible texture, and neutral color options.

There are no set rules for layering however,  I would suggest that the larger base rug be placed in line with your furnishings. The top layer can be any slightly smaller shape or size and placed in the same direction as the base or slightly angled. Again, we are thrilled that layering is trending, give it a try!  

Another trend that was just mentioned in the layering trend above is Natural Materials. The use of Jute, sisal, and wool or all-natural undyed materials is still a really popular choice now. There has been an expansion in the patterns and textures. 
We are currently developing new constructions for our braided rugs and woven rugs to offer more designs, patterns, and textures using these materials. This is a sneak peek into a construction we are developing and plan to launch this spring. 
The drive behind this trend is the Eco-friendly benefits of natural materials. "Our world, our home" has become our mindset, as of 2021, 85% of people around the world think sustainably when making purchases. We have shifted our behavior to be more eco-conscious and environmentally safe, and in doing so our décor and interiors are reflecting these decisions. Going "green" has actually meant going "natural" to the home décor industry! 
Last but not least, outdoor rugs are also trending. With spring rapidly approaching the desire to be outdoors is certainly a priority. Above is our braided rug Sea Glass in Ocean Blue which is our best-selling outdoor design.
The color shown is also on trend with various shades of blue. You will also see a continued trend in stripes, whether they be tonal or with cabana colors such as navy, red, or black. 
Speaking of black, black and white rugs will also be trending this year in outdoor rugs! We have several options in various rug constructions that cover this look, and I must mention, it's my personal favorite color combination! We are excitedly developing additional designs based on this latest forecast.  
Thank you for reading, we are excited to share these top trends with you! Check our website often to see what we have added to our Capel Rugs collections! 
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