How Do I Care For My Capel Rug?

Rug Care

You can expect years of beauty and enjoyment from a Capel braided rug when it is maintained properly. Click to learn how to care for your
Capel rug.

Cleaning Guide

Spot Cleaning Guide © by The Carpet and Rug Institute, Dalton, GA.

Capel Anywhere Rug Care

Our Indoor / Outdoor collections can provide better service and wear if a few important tips are considered.

Rug Sizing

Nothing can bring a room together like the right rug.  We want to make
it easier for you to select the right size rug to fit your space.  A few
inches can make all the difference between a rug pulling the room
together or making it feel separated.  When choosing rug size and
orientation, make sure it is proportional to the space and placed in the
proper orientation to match the room. 

Rug Glossary

Braided, flat woven, denier, pile height.... We've put together a rug glossary to help you navigate the terminology you may find as you shop for the perfect rug for your perfect space.