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Our homes are the reflection of our personalities. Everything in it tells one thing or another about us. The details of our home decor give prominent insights into our taste and style. From ceilings to floors, there is an abundance of things to make our home our dossier. 

One such thing is the rug. Whether to cover an imperfection or add a layer of style, rugs are the most versatile element that enhances the look of every room and corner of your home. There are different types and designs of rugs available worldwide but a braided rug has its multitude of admirers, and why not? Braided rugs have their own story to tell. So, to know why and how it came into existence, let's dive into its history.   

History of Braided Rugs

Spending cold winter nights was challenging for early settlers on the American frontier. Keeping themselves warm was exigent as poorly built cabins with cracked floors were giving them a hard time. They used large animal skins to cover the floor of the cabin. Soon after, one found a solution to use what was at hand. And that's why we say necessity is the mother of invention-a proverb best suited for a floor covering- braided rugs that came into existence to make winter nights warm and therefore became very popular at that time.

history of braided rugs

It was out together by taking strips of cloth and materials available at that point in time. These stripes were then braided and sewn together, making a circle to make a rug. Since the cloth strips came from many different sources, the first braided rug collection was multi-colored and full of various beautiful patterns.

Braided Rugs in Modern Times

Fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon that brings something or another in and out in a matter of months. However, braided rugs have covered quite a remarkable journey, from being a necessity to being a home floor decoration piece for homes for centuries and not going out of trend.

modern braided rugs

Becoming a staple is an achievement, and braided rugs have already achieved it as it matches the vast choice of color, pattern, and texture of the interior and exterior of homes and adds a personality to them. Along with the other flooring decoration pieces, braided rugs stand firm amidst unrelenting competitiveness due to their empirical traits. Not only it is an outstanding insulator but also it absorbs noise and reduces sound transference to the spaces below. And not to forget, Its soft and comfortable feel on stepping makes it an excellent choice for homes.   

Types Of Braided Rugs

The feature that makes the braided rug a choice of many for their homes is its versatility as it comes in various fibers like braided wool rugs,  sizes, shapes, and beautiful colors to match the mood of each corner of your home.


Any room or corner gets its wow look with a balanced interior design, and the color of everything in it is an important aspect. So braided rugs, available in colors like black-grey, blue-purple, brown-tan, greens, etc., provide a range that can be matched or contrasted with any of the colors of your cozy rooms.


Every room and corner of your home has some demand in terms of pattern to make everything in it look well put. And the same go for flooring decoration. A carefully chosen shape of rugs can make your room speak a thousand words. So what are the available options in the shapes of braided rugs? Well, it is more than one. Choose what goes best for your room from braided runner rugs, round rugs, oval, square rugs, concentric rugs, etc., shapes of braided rugs  


Scale and proportion are important principles to keep in mind while designing interiors. When it comes to adding elements to the room, everything should be in proportion with each other and should be scaled according to the size of the room. Everything here includes even the floor covering. To act on this principle the braided rugs are carefully made in a wide range of sizes so no room could go rug-less.  

Place Where You Can Find The Best-Braided Rugs

Making a buying decision can become a headache only when you’re unaware of the best place to make your purchase. Now if you’re thinking about where to buy braided rugs, stop thinking and read further to know an industry leader in braided rugs and high-quality import collectibles. 

Started by a 17-year-old industrious, Capel Rugs is known for being an American brand, with a legacy of 100 years of heritage in their reversible, durable, and full of soft premium yarn signature braided rugs. Get your authentically designed Capel braided rugs that are braided from custom-blended yarn for extra durability and texture in the North Carolina factory since 1917.

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